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Johanna & Greg Larkin
Larkin Studio
Printing,Framing, Can
& Art Photography

Greg and Johanna recognized a gap in the market when Johanna became increasingly frustrated at the obstacles she faced as an artist when trying to get her work out there. As a new artist it was difficult to find affordable and quality printing, framing, canvases and art photography. There were places that did some of the above but the quality and affordability varied considerably and there seemed to be no one who did it all in one place.

Initially Greg started making Johanna's frames for her exhibitions. However, in 2020 Greg made the decision to step away from a 40 year career in Human Resources to pursue something more fulfilling. At this point Johanna and Greg decided to set up a business together to help artists to access affordable printing, framing and canvas options without compromising on quality.  Almost three years on, Larkin Studios works with more than 250 artists across Australia.

Greg and Johanna say that working with artists has proven to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things they have ever done. They  spend their days meeting artists, appreciating art and watching the joy when an artist comes to pick up their newly frames artworks, their beautiful prints or the excitement of having new quality artist canvases ready for their next masterpiece.


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